What could the sustainability initiative
do for WordPress?

What is this trying to achieve? 

This document has been created as AN EXAMPLE to inspire and get people thinking.

It is an example of a vision of what we could do for and with the WordPress community with regards to planetary and social sustainability.

It is intended to inspire members of the WordPress community to dream big and think about possibilities for a better, more sustainable future. 

Not just for the WordPress software itself, but for people of the global community who use, make and are a part of WordPress.


This vision has been created on the understanding that:

  • Runaway climate change is a fact, and scientifically proven [IPCC Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis];
  • It is necessary and vital to maintain the global temperature increase below 1.5°C versus higher levels [IPCC Special Report Global Warming of 1.5 oC];
  • That every industry and sector of society has a role to play in limiting that warming, including the WordPress community and leadership;
  • Consideration of realities such as politics, both within and outside of WordPress, and the constraints of resources and funding, can be overcome with enough will to do so;
  • Nobody has all the answers, including the team that made this vision, we require a collective effort from a diversity of viewpoints.

1. Our community knows about digital sustainability 

Free, accessible education from trusted sources enables the community to learn about the broad, often complex subject of digital sustainability, which goes beyond carbon emissions and considers social issues. There’s an appreciation of what actions can be taken to improve digital sustainability at an individual, organisation and community level.


Offer training such as https://digitalcollage.org/

WordPress hosting companies are leaders on sustainable measures  (efficiency, green energy sources…)

2. We collaborate and gather sustainably

The ways our community work together online or in real life are sustainable by default. Our core tools are chosen because they meet sustainability guidelines.


WordCamps and events have guidelines to follow, encoded in the handbook

3.Sustainability fund

No barriers to participation for individuals from diverse backgrounds and contexts to contribute to sustainability issues.


Set up a fund to transparently sponsor individuals to contribute to WordPress’s sustainability efforts.

 4. A CMS that leads on sustainability

Tools, features and documentation to guide developers and users on how to make the most sustainable and carbon-aware choices possible when making or using WordPress.


A well resourced performance team working on platform efficiency.

Make static site generation a default option.

Make alterations within Site Health to show carbon emission estimates.

Develop optional, canonical plugins to assess code / site set-up and provide recommendations.

What do you think?

Leave a comment on make.wordpress.org post to share or link to your thoughts on what a truly sustainable WordPress community looks like to you,


join the sustainability Slack channel to take the conversation within the community further:

  • build on and discuss the visions shared by others;
  • contribute ideas on what we should do next;
  • share other sustainability work in the WordPress space that you find interesting.

 Here’s how to sign up to WordPress Slack.

The creators 

This starting point are the thoughts of five members of the WordPress community

Listed in alphabetical order:


Csaba Varszegi


Hannah Smith


Nahuai Badiola

nora ferreiros

Nora Ferreirós


Thijs Buijs

Our hope is that you will join us in openly discussing and building upon these ideas within the WordPress community.